The Refuge of the Sleeping Words

In this book, the author shares an experience she carried out in a center for street women and children in Montevideo. In this context, she coordinated a narrative workshop, in which contemporary literature was shared to motivate women to write their experiences. Literature and writing made possible the reflection and self-knowledge of these women.

Written by Helena Modzelewski


Women, live on the street

Impossible Place

Mariana is a fourteen year old girl. She and her two best friends are involved in intense and chaotic events, caused by the extreme political moment in the country.

Written by Fernando González

Youth narrative

Dictatorship, recent history

Legends and Indigenous Stories of Latin

“Legends and Indigenous Stories of Latin America” written by the chilean writer and researcher Antonio Landauro, seeks to value the oral cultural heritage of today’s Spanish-speaking Latin America, through the collection of different legends, myths and stories of the different ethnic groups that still exist in our continent. In this new improved and expanded edition, two new narrations from the Diaguita and Selk’nam cultures has been added, as well as updated the use of language to a more inclusive one, in order to make the narrations close to the new generations, keeping our oral tradition.​

Written by Antonio Landauro

Youth narrative

Legends, Latin America

Surviving in the South Atlantic

In this fiction Juan, a Spanish teenager who decides to know the world, embarks as a stowaway in a sailboat, in 1895. Juan must face an unequal struggle with nature, with the challenges of the sea and also with a corrupt mafia that seeks to seize valuable objects of the sailboat. From the perspective of this young man, this story shows South America and its people.​

Written by Felipe Planelles Calpe


Sailors, sailboat

Flag of convenience. Chronicles of a merchant marine

In this captivating book the author shares his experiences as a merchant sailor.

Written by Felipe Planelles Calpe


Sailors, sailboat

Anonymous Voices
Stories and legends of the magical universe

Youth Narrative Collection by Guillermo Lockhart

In every corner of the world, wherever there is human life, there is a universe of magical stories. The aim of Voces Anónimas is to keep those magical stories alive from one generation to the next so that they are not forgotten. Many of those stories survive time without being written becoming part of an intangible heritage that enriches every community. Once we read them and they enter into our soul they will stay with us until the end of our lives.

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