Rincón de la Bolsa

For decades, the textile company was the economic and social engine of the small town Rincón de la Bolsa. The closure causes a catastrophe in the town and the people. Jaime Moleda arrives to audit the assets of the factory and a new stage begins.

Written by Nicolás Peruzzo
Illustrated by Gabriel Serra

Graphic novel

Factories, syndicate

La mudanza

The protagonist is a real estate agent with a very special job: she inhabits the subconscious of people who cannot overcome a duel. These people are symbolically trapped in houses they cannot leave, because they were happy there. The protagonist will help them close those houses and continue living.

Written and illustrated by Nicolás Peruzzo

Graphic novel

Duels, overcoming


Froggies is an autobiographical graphic novel. The author talks about his years in a Catholic school, his adolescence in the hands of rock musicians and his beginnings in the world of comics.

Written and illustrated by Nicolás Peruzzo

Graphic novel

Adolescence, music


Woyzeck is a graphic novel project. This is the adaptation to the comic of the play written by Georg Büchner in 1836 and published in 1879, considered one of the most important works of German theater.

Written by Georg Büchner

Script by Pere Fullana

Illustrated by Tatúm

Graphic novel

Theater, soldiers

One Summer Night and Other Stories

One Summer Night and Other Stories is a compilation of stories by Ambrose Bierce adapted and illustrated by the talented illustrator Tatúm in an excellent graphic novel.

Written by Ambrose Bierce
Adapted and illustrated by Tatúm

Graphic novel

Black humor

Tacuara Mansion

Tacuara Mansion is an adaptation of Horacio Quiroga's stories by the talented illustrator Tatúm.

Project in progress!

Texts by Horacio Quiroga
Adaptation and illustrations by Tatúm

Graphic novel

Wild nature, rainforest

The Elephant Island

Based on a historical event, this book tells about the adventure of a group of Uruguayan sailors. A graphic story for lovers of adventure stories and also for fans of marine and Antarctic themes.

Written and illustrated by Alejandro Rodríguez Juele

Graphic novel

Adventures, sea


In the early 1980s, Diego Busetto, El Miunjen and Arafat, three engineering students who worked in low-paid positions in a multinational company. The three students were summoned to create a billing software for a public institution.
It was a good opportunity for the three boys to become independent and open their study, but it was not easy. They faced technological limitations, limited deadlines, personal problems and worked in secret, because their bosses could not know that they were with projects outside the company.

Bartolomé Hidalgo Award in Uruguay

Written by Nicolás Peruzzo

Illustrated by Gabriel Serra

Graphic novel

Students, computer

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