Susana Aliano Casales

Children's books

Susana is a writer and publisher. Her books have been published in Uruguay, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile and Turkey. The presentation of realistic literature for children and the commitment to issues such as gender violence characterize her work. She has received several awards (National Prize Literature 2020 and 2019, Uruguay, among other).

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Alejandro Corchs Lerena


Alejandro is the son of Elena Lerena and Alberto Corchs, Uruguayans who disappeared in Argentina during the military dictatorship in December 1977, when he was twenty-one months old. Alejandro is a Medicine Man, Custodian of the Wisdom of the Native Peoples of America. He is a thanatologist and therapist. He is co-founder of Purificación, a center for psychospiritual growth and training of thanatologists. He has received several awards for his books and for his humanitarian work. Alejandro's books are a guide that accompanies readers on their path of self-knowledge.


Kerch Bentos Pereira

Children's books

Kerch is a creative and talented Uruguayan illustrator, designer and animator.


Leroy Gutiérrez

Children's book, informative books

Leroy is a publisher, writer and creator of content for websites, networks and books. During 2010 he was a fellowship holder in the International Youth Library where he researched about the non fiction books. And in 2011 he published the non fiction book Nuestra Independencia, 1811-1830. Preguntas y respuestas para mentes inquietas. He has combined his work as publisher with teaching editing workshops. 

Eliana Lucián Vargha

Children's book, poetry

Eliana studied literature, Spanish teaching, linguistics and style correction. She combines her writing activities with teaching, text editing and creativity or expression workshops. She has published academic works, children's books and poems for adults in Uruguay, Mexico, Spain and Chile.

Guillermo Lockhart

Youth literature

Guillermo is an Uruguayan writer. Creator of the original idea, conductor and director of Voices Anonimas (TV program). Writer of 14 books.

Helena Modzelewski


Helena is PhD in Philosophy from the University of Valencia, Spain. Teacher. She is a writer especially interested in minorities and self-knowledge through literature..

Nicolás Peruzzo

Graphic novel, comic

Nicolás is a scriptwriter, illustrator and editor. He has materialized many publications and animated projects.

Felipe Planelles Calpe


Felipe is a writer specialized in marine narrative. His books tell attractive stories about the life of sailors at sea and about ships.

Alejandro Rodríguez Juele

Graphic novel, comic

Alejandro is an Architect, with extensive work experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in advertising agencies. He is an illustrator and writer.


Jorge Isaurralde (Tatúm)

Graphic novel, comic

Tatúm is illustrator and comic author. He was born in Argentina but lives in Spain since 1976.

Tatúm has published since the 80’s in magazines, he has illustrated children’s books and worked as a graphic humorist for the local Majorcan press.

In 2013 he won the Ciutat de Palma Prize. He has exhibited is work in different festivals and collective and individual exhibitions.

Fidel Sclavo

Children's book

Fidel studied drawing, painting, printmaking, architecture and communication sciences. He has made exhibitions of his work in Uruguay, Spain, the United States and Argentina among other countries, and he has received several awards for his work. He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

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